Friday, July 3, 2015


The other day I was over in the Clear Scraps Creating Made Easy Kit Club Blog sharing this fun pie banner topper project. 

This kit is so much fun.  I love creating with Red, White and Blue.  This kit is full of fun stuff to create with.  You can check out the entire kit HERE, with all the details on how to order.  
I thought it would be fun to create a little cake topper for the 4th of July.  Not that we have specific plans or anything, but I like to make the kids some kind of red white and blue dessert. 
I used the USA stickers from the sticker sheet that came in the kit, and attached them to the clear flag triangles.  I used some red and white bakers twine and attached the clear triangles with the small red clothespins that came in the kit.  I used the bakers twine and tied both ends to some navy blue and white paper straws I had on hand to make the banner complete.  

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my pie topper.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The other day I watched my niece and nephew for a few hours while their mom went to a baby shower.  When she asked me I was excited, and thought we could take the kids swimming, but wasn't sure how the weather would be that day.  So I was trying to think of something else fun I could do with the kids while they were here for the day.
Last year I thought it would be fun to make 4th of July tie dye shirts for the kids, but we never got around to doing it.  So I was thinking this year that might be a fun activity.  But I didn't feel like going to several stores and across town for all of the stuff.  I wanted this to be a cheap fun project, 
So I had to run into Target the day before and guess what, they had tie dye kits (since they now have a big craft section instead of just some scrapbooking stuff).  And the best part was all the kits were on CLEARANCE.  
So I grabbed a nautical one, and another one that had green and another shade of blue in it, and I picked up another one that had pink and purple and turquoise because I thought those would be super cute for another shirt for Chloe.  I grabbed each of the kids a white shirt, and those were also on sale and 25% off with the cartwheel app.  Score!

So to get started I took a cheapy plastic table cloth and laid it down on the table that we were going to be working at.  This way I could just throw it all away when we were all done.
Each kit comes with two pairs of gloves and some rubber bands.  I grabbed a few more rubber bands we had here at home.  
Something I didn't realize was that once you are done dying the shirts they are suppose to sit fpr 6-8 HOURS after that.  WHOA, WHAT?!?  Wait a minute this fun little project was suppose to be something the kids could take home with them but that was not going to work.  Oh well.  I was still going to do it with them, and then we would figure out what to do after that.  

So all the kids had their shirts and they were looking over the paper that came with each kit with some different ideas and how to fold or wrap up the shirt to get the desired affect.  
While they were doing that I also mixed all the bottles of dye.  All you have to do is add water to the bottles provided and then shake them up until they are fully mixed.  

We decided that it would be easiest to do one shirt at a time, instead of everyone trying to dye shirtsat  the same time. I could only envision what a chaotic mess that would be.  
So Jacob decided on his design and we twisted his and then added a bunch of rubberbands.  

I let the kids squeeze on the bottles of color, but told them to make sure they go very slowly.  I had them wear a pair of gloves and I wore a pair while helping too.  

We went around the table and everyone picked how they wanted to fold up their shirt.  Caleb and Nathan rolled theirs up and then we did sections for red white and blue.  Then the girls Chloe and Natalie accordian folded their shirts and did sections also for red white and blue.  

I also found an old white shirt I had that was stained and decided to make one since we had enough dye left over. 
I accordion folded mine and made mine with all three shades of blue on the bottom and red and white on the top, while skipping a spot for white.  

We wrapped them each up in grocery bags and let them sit for hours.
I have to admit I was impatient and didn't wait the full 6-8 hours like the instructions suggest.  We waited about 4 1/2.  
After this you have to rinse each shirt with water until the water runs clear.  Man that seemed to take forever.  I don't think the water ever really ran completely clear.  
I rinsed them the best that I possibly could and let them sit in the sink for a few minutes. 

I then washed them completely by themselves.  I didn't want them to accidentally dye anything else. 
Then I threw them in the dryer. 

They turned out so cute and I love that they are all unique even the ones that were folded the same way. 

Jacob's has a swirly look to his, Chloe's is red on one side, and blue on the other, while Caleb's goes from red on top, and blue on the bottom.  

Here is how mine came out.  I like the three shades of blue on the bottom.  

I can't wait for all of us to wear our unique shirts on 4th of July.  

It was so much fun I really wanted to make more shirts.  So I found some old shirts of the kids and an old shirt of my husbands that I could fit into so we could use up the rest of the dye and the new ones too.  

I thought it would be fun to do something totally different with the next batch.  So for Chloe's I just took bunches and tied on the rubberbands.  

We just randomly squeezed on colors here and there.  For the red white and blue we were trying to make more patterny type designs. 

Now one thing I realized for the shirts is to make sure your rubber bands are really tight otherwise the dye will just sink in and you won't have much white showing through when it is all finished.  But I think these all turned out super cute too.  The kids love the fact that we made these shirts and they have asked to wear them everyday this week.  

I highly recommend doing this with the kids.  It was a bit messier than I thought it would be, but so much fun.  I am ready to make another one :)
How much fun would it be to make them at a party for kids, or have all the kids make matching shirts for a photo shoot.  

Have you ever tie dyed before?  How did it turn out?  


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have been missing doing my TEN ON TUESDAY posts, but life just gets away from me lately.  Plus it is summer and often there are days when I wake up and don't even know what day it for sure is.  Since my husband rotates his work schedule each week is different so really some days I have no clue what day it is, or I go the entire day thinking it is one day only to find out later I am wrong.  Please tell me I am not the only one that does this....

So on to my TEN ON TUESDAY...

1.  We watched the movie THE COBBLER the other night and it was not bad, a bit strange but not bad really.

2.  The kids go back to school in about 2 1/2 weeks already.  I am sad!

3.  We are getting excited for Knotts Berry Farm July 18.  Jacob's company is having their annual company picnic there this year, so we get to go for FREE.  WOOHOO!!

4. We got a rain storm this week, but it sure didn't last long at all.  Chloe, little Jacob and I ran out to cover the boat and by the time we were done, we were dripping wet.  Then later that day it was sunny again.  But the forecast says more for this week so I sure hope so. 

5.  I applied for a job at the kids school, and I am really praying that it is in Gods plan that I work there.  The job was for an instructional aid.  I would LOVE this job so much.  The kids think it would be so cool if I worked at their school lol.  Plus I think it would help me with the transition of Chloe starting school too.  :)  We have talked about me going back to work now that she is starting school, but since Jacob's work schedule rotates it is hard to find something that will still work around the kids school schedule.  So I will just keep praying and see what happens. 

6. Just thankful for the little things lately.  Happy healthy kids, a hard working husband, cars to drive, a home to live in, food to eat.  I don't ask for much and trying to remember to be thankful for  big and small things.

7. I did a few photo shoots this past week and it felt so good to be back at it.  I never really stopped but have just been focusing on my wood signs that I haven't pushed my photography much at all.  But I was reminded how much I have actually missed it. 

8.  Working on some nautical baby shower party decor for my cousin today.  The stuff is coming out so cute.  I can't wait to share some photos. 

9.  Last week we took the kids to the dollar movies and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  The kids have seen it but Jacob and I hadn't and it was pretty cute.  I had a coupon for free popcorn, so we went to the movies for about $10 (not counting the snacks I snuck in, in my purse for the kids :)

10. Yesterday I made a pineapple upside down cheesecake for Jacob to take into work.  Basically I made a plain cheesecake, and a pineapple upside down cake and you put the pineapple upside down cake on top of the cheesecake.  He brought the rest home, maybe a slice that was all.  But I did try a tiny bite and it was really good.  Very sweet though.  But let me tell you it was HARD to get that pineapple upside down cake on top of the cheesecake, I may have been irritated as heck when I was attempting it and it wasn't the prettiest thing ever.  But he liked it and so did everyone else out at his work, so that is all that matters in the end, is that it tastes good. 


Friday, June 26, 2015


I can't believe I forgot to share this layout with you.  This was a layout I did to go along with my introduction on the JUSTNICK DESIGN TEAM blog.  

I was looking back through some old scrapbook pages and realized a few times when the boys were younger I did similar layouts about their favorite things at that age, but since poor Chloe has like maybe 10 scrapbook pages total (which I feel totally guilty about let me add) I thought it would be fun to do one for her too.  

So I decided to also go along with the same color theme that we did her Doc McStuffin birthday party in.  I have such a thing for sequins and enamel dots lately, oh and washi tape I don't think I know how to create things without them.  I think that is part of trends and discovering my own style.  I never really felt before like I had a style but the last few months I feel like my style is really becoming its own.  I am loving it.  

So here is my layout.  


Thursday, June 25, 2015


Orange is the new Black season 3 was just recently released on Netflix.  
Have you watched any of the episodes yet?  

We just finished it the other day.  

I want to talk about a few things in this season.

Piper is definitely getting pretty hard core now, I think she is embracing her prison life to the full extent.  Piper's new underground business.  She is now in the dirty underwear business.  I can honestly say this one made me cringe just a bit at the thought of that.  Nasty! And then her sister in law came up with a recipe to create "juice" for other underwear.  Just yuck.

Piper and Alex broke up.  WOW.  Alex is pretty paranoid and Piper seems to have a new love interest in the new tattooed girl Stella.  The shows leaves us as Stella is going to get out in the next few days, but steals all Pipers business money and Piper sets her up in the prison to get caught with contraband but we don't know what happens to her exactly.

Alex was having such a hard time this season.  First she finds out that the reason she is back in prison is because of Piper, then her and Piper break up.  She is completely obsessed with thinking Lolly was there to harm her for her old boss.  But in the final episode we find out that a guard is actually there for that and it leaves us wondering what happened to her.  Does he kill her in the green house or does she get away?  We don't know yet...

Then there is Daya and Bennett.  Uh, he like just vanished! He left the crib on the side of the road and was never heard from again.  Ok if he was going to leave her and his job I still would like to know where he went and what happened to change his mind.  I mean he proposed to her and everything.  Then bam he is just gone, give us something more!
And the relationship between Daya and her mom.  I was so angry when her mom Aleida starts talking to Mendez's mother and asks for money. Who else wanted to reach through the tv and slap her.  I did.
Sophia got thrown in SHU for something that wasn't even her fault and the season ended with her still in there.  That part was so sad.  I said the moment Danny was speaking to his father that his father was still going to order Sophia to the SHU.  JERK.  I don't trust him and I think bad things are coming for the prison with the new owners now.

Soso tried to kill herself.  She feels all alone, but in the end the other were looking out for her and helped her out and I think this is going to be a growing relationship with all of them.

Pennsatucky was sexually assaulted by a guard.  I for sure did not see this one coming until he started acting very crazy and ordering her around, but yet the next minute trying to be super nice to her.  Even though when the show started I don't think she had many admirers, but still doesn't deserve any of that.  Then when she is talking to Big Boo about it she says she isn't angry just sad, that is heart breaking.  I think they ended up with a good plan to get her off van duty.  Now we will see if he is the same way with the next new van driver.

Then there was Nicky who got put in Max.  She was still there when the season ended, who knows how she is cooping or what is happening to her,

One thing I really liked this season was that they gave alot more of many of the inmates back stories, some on how they got to be in prison and some of their childhood growing up.  I think it makes them seem more like real people now not just prisoners we started watching on Netflix.

Well I have to say that Netflix sure left us wanting more and giving us a big reason to come back for season 4 with all of these HUGE cliffhangers.  What really kills me is that we have to wait an entire YEAR for season 4 to come out.  Really, that sucks.

I hope they touch on many of the unknowns for the next season.

Who is your favorite Prisoner of Litchfield?  Do you have any predictions for next season?

Until next year Orange is the New Black!



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